Miami WordPress Hosting

Miami WordPress Hosting done PERFECT for your business or webstore needs 🙂

We’re located IN MIAMI just like you! We can work with you personally unlike other hosting solutions.
Our Miami WordPress Hosting allows your customers to get the fastest load times, giving them a better experience.

Miami WordPress Done Reliably, Powerfully, and Locally!

Miami WordPress Management Area

Stop messing around with the technical details and let our WordPress Hosting bring you JOY!
Enjoy NO BS pricing that you only get through multi-year terms as with others.
Simply choose Monthly or go Yearly for savings, that’s it!

Simple Drag ‘n’ Drop.
Easy Peasy!

Miami WordPress Hosting Plans

Billed Yearly

Miami WordPress Hosting Plans

Billed Monthly


$5 / month
  • 512 MB Storage
  • Trash Storage of 14 Days
  • Revision History of 500
  • Can Change Plugins
  • Free Subdomain Included
  • Connect Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 1 Minute Install
  • Email Support
  • Tax Included


$15 / month
  • 2048 MB Storage
  • Trash Storage of 30 Days
  • Revision History of 2000
  • Can Change Plugins
  • Free Subdomain(s) Included
  • Have up to 2 Websites
  • Connect Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 1 Minute Install
  • Email Support
  • Tax Included


Why Not Use Another Web Building Solution? (SquareSpace, Wix, Etc.)

WordPress is trusted and used by OVER 40% of websites on the Internet! It has tons of optimized free and premium themes made with compatibility for it, fully optimized for fluid design language of the internet. It also has a huge selection of free and premium plugins, giving your website huge flexibility in power no matter what you’re trying to get done!

Why Over Other Hosting Companies? (GoDaddy, A2Hosting, etc.))

We started this business out of necessity, we found hosting was pricey for the power we required. Using our plans, you’ll have more power available to your website than you’ll find on most other similarly priced hosting plans.

How Fast Can I Build with Elementor?

Elementor provides you with a very powerful Drag ‘n’ Drop system where every time you build a new page you’ll forget you’re even using WordPress!

Why Build with

We built out of our own desire to work with a good web hosting company. Turned out to be hard and had more peace of mind with just doing our own web hosting. Out of necessity, we did such a great job for ourselves that it got our friends and family interested.

Now we’re now looking to continue building the web hosting company we’d love to work with, with others!
If you’re looking for a web hosting business that you’d love to work with as well, web host with us! We’d love to expand and share our upcoming improvements with you 🙂

Can You Build My Website For Me?

We sure can! Get in touch with us and see our standard prices here.

Can I Upgrade My Plan Later?

Yes! You are free to upgrade or even downgrade your plan.

What If I Need More...? (Storage, Etc)

Contact us, we would love to help you out with a dedicated solution. We guarantee to build a plan tailored to you if you don’t fit in our premade plans but wish to be hosted by us 🙂