Winky Hosted Affiliate Program Details

Earn Money With US!

We're home to a competitive affiliate program, designed to be great for streamers and content creators to be able to setup a baseline of income! Why? Our business was designed with two streamers within our business. Starting content creation pays poorly and we know it, despite the hard work and dedication. Here we plan to help you build your dream career!

Affiliate Commission Rates

Per Customer

Initial Buy - 25% Split

Following - 15% Split

For as long as that customer buys with us!

Lifetime Revenue? Yes!

LIFETIME REVENUE SHARE. For the duration of any customers business that you bring in, you will get a share of all the money brought in from them. The client will be permanently LINKED TO YOU as long as you are an affiliate so that you get a share of money for as long as they buy from us. Whether it's 1 time or 10 years going; You brought them our way and deserve to share in our success, cheers to us both! 🙂